Pieces for saxophone with piano

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Abreu - Tico-Tico

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Albert - Fellings

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Albinoni - Adagio

American Patrol

Aria - Bach

Bach - Siciliana and Allegro from Sonata #2

Bizet - Toreador

Busser - Asturia

Debussy - Little negro

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Debussy - Marvelous evening

Desmond - Take Five

Diabelli - Allegro

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Dvorak - Romantic piece

Fadeyev - Gentle over the polls

Fadeyev - In play of gentle sadness

Gershvin - My favorite

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Gioia - Parade

Gioia - Suite

Glazunov - Concerto

Glazunov - Concerto (score)

Glick - Sonata for Oboe or Soprano Sax and piano

Handell - Allegro from Sonata #3

Hindemith - Sonata (piano)

Hindemith - Sonata (solo)

Ibert - Concertino da camera

Katansky - Jazz for saxophone, in Eb (piano)

Katansky - Jazz for saxophone, in Eb (solo)

Kazanovsky - Be with me

Martini - Romance

Massenet - Meditation

Nevin - Narcissum

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Ornstein - Ballade for Saxophone, SO 609

Peshetti - Presto

Piazzolla - Requerdo New-York (piano)

Piazzolla - Requerdo New-York (solo part for Alto)

Rachmaninov - Italian polka

Ravel - Vocalise (Alto)

Ravel - Vocalise (Bariton)

Ravel - Vocalise (piano and Alto)

Ravel - Vocalise (piano and Bariton)

Ravel - Vocalise (piano and Soprano)

Ravel - Vocalise (piano and Tenor)

Ravel - Vocalise (Soprano)

Ravel - Vocalise (Tenor)

Rimsky-Korsakov - Aria of Shemakhan Tsaritsa

Rimsky-Korsakov - The Flight of the Bumblebee

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Schmitt - Legende, Op.66 (score)

Schmitt - Legende, Op.66 (solo part)

Shilker - Foxtrot

Shumann - Soldiers march

Shumann - The song of reapers

Simonenko - Jazz melody

Stark - Der Aufschwung ist da (tenor sax and percussion)

Vidoft - Cheerful saxophonist

Villa-Lobos - Fantasia

Villa-Lobos - Fantasia (solo part)

Villoldo - Tango